Sheena Deepnarain speaks out against ANN7 critics

If you’re online in South Africa you’ve surely seen the videos of cringe-worthy snippets of ANN7 presenters. The new news channel, channel 405 on DSTV, has become something of a laughing stock thanks to the seemingly unprepared (perhaps illiterate) presenters’ gaffs: awkward silences, trouble reading from a teleprompter and severe technical dificulties, to name but a few.

One presenter on the new Gupta-owned channel, Sheena Deepnarain, has spoken out on her Facebook profile about the flack that the fledgling broadcasters have caught:

“ANN7 believed in the youth and went on a massive recruitment campaign to hire graduates within the industry and invest in them and provide them with a much-needed platform. They were the ones who took this chance andare also getting the negative that goes with it, but still they stand by our careers and us.”

Sheena Deepnarain

Image from Facebook

Yes, hiring from the pool of new South African graduates, helping them get a foot in the door of journalism and broadcasting, is admirable. However, doing so comes with risks; risks which have flown back in the face of the Guptas, Didizane Zuma, and other private investors in this new channel.

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